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You can use MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers® while laying out in many places! By the pool, on the beach, in your back yard, at the park, on a boat, and more! Anywhere you need eye protection from the sun.  Designed with ultrasuede fabric/ high degree optic cloth on the inside of the patch which is non-abrasive to the eye lid, and makes the patch more comfortable to wear especially for extended periods of time.  Also great for Spray Tanning!


Did you know that your eyelids block less than 25% of damaging UV rays? By keeping your eye’s closed while sun tanning without protection you risk serious damage of your eyes. Grab your MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers® today!

*MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers® is not liable or held responsible for misuse of product and or allergies/reactions to our material(s).