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by Lisa, San Diego CA on Eye Sun Shields

I love the idea that they stick on. The plastic ones you use for tan beds slide off or you have to hold them on when you layout on your side so you get an even tan. Good idea and very comfortable!

by Maribel C. CT on Eye Sun Shields
Great for the beach after eye surgery!

I recently had PRK surgery performed on my eyes and was concerned about how to adequately protect my eyes from UV exposure while at the beach this summer...I believe I've found the perfect product to protect my eyes and prevent those dreaded sunglasses tan lines. Thanks for such an innovative product!

by Amy T. Kentucky on Eye Sun Shields

I love these! I had never used eye protection before in a tanning bed so decided to order these. Before they came I tried the "stickers" from the tanning facility and they tore before I even put them on. These however were so comfortable, durable and easy to use. Plus, I can use them more than once!

by Scott, RI on Eye Sun Shields
Uses them under illuMask

My wife received your order of My Eyeunshields. She is very happy with them. She uses them under her illuMask. The illuMask comes with protective glasses, but she felt the protective glasses weren’t large enough to adequately cover her eyes. She is quite happy with your product.

by Deborah, Lutz Florida on Eye Sun Shields

What an ingenious invention. No more sunglass raccoon eyes. I recently had eyelid surgery and these eye shields worked perfectly to protect my scars. Thank you Eyesunshields.

by Dr. Todd Adair on Eye Sun Shields
Todd Adair OD, Sacramento CA

It has been well established that UV radiation as well as elements in the blue part of the visible spectrum contribute to eye disease. The commonest among these are cataract and macular degeneration. The whites of the eyes can also suffer from damage leading to the growth of yellow bumps called pinguecula causing general eye irritation and a tired appearance. Minimizing the exposure to these harmful sources promotes good eye health. If you are looking for the ultimate in eye protection while sunning, I recommend MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers.

Dr. Todd M. Adair, OD

by Alina, California on Eye Sun Shields

I love my new Eye Sun Shields! This product is like no other! I have to admit that I was skeptical trying them because I was once suckered into purchasing a "paper-thin sticker" when I forgot my goggles during my tanning session. What a joke! I didn't even use the stickers because there was no difference in protecting my eyes VS. eyes uncovered in the tanning booth! To my SURPRISE, the Eye Sun Shields covered my eyes to pitch black ---it was so nice and relaxing! I use them all the time now, even tanning in my backyard. It is easy to peel, easy to apply and if you're lucky, easy to re-use! I'm still on my first pair and I've been wearing them for over a month now!

by Jessy, Seattle WA on Eye Sun Shields

I love eye sun shields! They are the perfect solution for problems with tan lines from sunglasses and tanning goggles. They are extremely comfortable and easy to use. The adhesive is strong enough that they fit and stay on nicely. Every time I put them on, I'm ready to take a nap in the sun.

by Cristina, Medford OR on Eye Sun Shields

All the years of laying in the sun and getting those stupid tan lines from my sunglasses or my eyelids being burnt from the sun I'm glad I ran across these! Now all I do is put these adorable self adhesive sun shields right on my eye lids and lay out comfortably and not ever have to worry about those silly tan lines, eyes being dry and or my eye lids getting burnt. What a wonderful concept! Thank you! Great idea! I want one in every color!

by emmeline, Marysville CA on Eye Sun Shields
love this product!

The eye sun shields are not only easy to use but also comfortable to wear.
They are easy to put on and just as easy to peel off with ultra light addesive lining..the addesive also doesnt leave the gunky stuff other adhesives do. Protection on these is great...I have and will countine to recommend the eye sunshields to all my family and friends..try them out you wont be dissapointed!

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