My Story

MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers®, came to a reality after spending some time trying to find a product to shield my eyes from harmful UV rays while sunbathing. I was looking for something that was comforable, disposable, and that would have the capability of eliminting tan lines that were inevitable with the use of sunglasses. Prevention was the key.

Not being able to find such a product, I wondered what creating a product would entail. After concentrated research, reading entrepreneurial books, learning about others who have started businesses based on their own need, and gaining inspiration from watching Shark Tank, I embarked on this experience and created MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers.®.

It has been an entrepreneurial journey that began with a need, a vision, and a spark of excitement. Because of YOU, MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers® has been shipping to customers nationwide. They are 100% made in the USA, in high quality manufacturing facilities and are available to customers, tanning salons, hospitals, optometry offices, resorts and more..

Our select products are FDA approved, LATEX FREE and can be worn while tanning indoor or outdoor, or while undergoing LED face light therapy. Other areas of use to minimize rays is after eye surgery, in dermatology, hospitals, neonatal units, or while pursuing other interests.

Enjoy the Ultimate in Disposable Eye protection with MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers®. With your support, we will help children in need across the globe.