Rhode Island

My wife received your order of My Eyesunshields, She is very happy with them. She uses them under her ILLUMASK. The illuMask comes with protective glasses, but she fel the protective glasses weren't large enough to adequately cover her eyes. She is quite happy with your product.

Dr. Todd Adair

Sacramento, California

It has been well established that UV radiation as well as elements in the blue part of the visible spectrum contribute to eye disease. The commonest among these are cataract and macular degeneration. The whites of the eyes can also suffer from damage leading to the growth of yellow bumps called pinguecula causing general eye irritation and a tired appearance. Minimizing the exposure to thes harmful sources promotes good eye health. If you are looking for the ulimate in eye protection while sunning, I recommend MY EYESUNSHIELDS, ray blockers®.


Lutz, Florida

What an ingenious invention. No more sunglass raccoon eyes. I recntly had eyelid surgery and these eye shields worked perfectly to protect my eyes. Thank you Eyesunshields.

I love the soft foam that rests on your eyes as opposed to the hard goggles. They are the perfect size to fit your eye lids and don't give you the raccoon eyes like other goggles do. Being able to open my eyes and not do damage is also a plus. Would highly recommend! Marianne W. Yuba City

Hearts United Beat as One

"Very Very Happy" Ellen C. Colorado Springs, Colorado


Nashville, Tennessee

I've been a bronzing skin lover all my life! For several years I've been a member at a tanning salon, going quite frequently and tried the new ray blockers loved them. I can flip on both sides and they don't fall off.I hope you all start selling them in your salons..


Medford, Oregon

All the years of laying in the sun and getting those stuid tan lines from my sunglassses or my eyelids being burnt from the sun I'm glad a I ran across these! Now all I do is put these adorable self adhesive sun shields on. With no worry of getting my eye lids burnt.Wonderful concept.Thank you.


Seattle, Washington

I love these eye shields! They are the perfect solution for problems with tan lines from sunglasses and tanning goggles. They are extremely comfortable and easy to use. The adhesive is strong enough that they fit and stay on nicely. Every time I put them on, I'm ready to take a nap in the sun!

"Love these! I have very sensitive eyes, to the point that in some beds I've had to wear traditional goggles and cover my eyes with a towel to keep them from burning, so I was a little apprehensive about a clear shield but they worked great.They are easy to put on and they stay in place. It's great being able to open my eyes and see the buttons on the bed, no more guessing when I adjust the fans or face lights." J'Ann A. Oroville CA